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This bowl has a wide unglazed rim, a flaring mouth and a footring. Its exterior and interior as well as the base of the footring are in a bluish white glaze. According to its glaze color, this bowl is categorized as qingbai (bluish white) ware. Such…
Gift of Mark and Janeth Hogue Sponenburgh.
Paint on paper; 5 1/2 x 3 7/16 inches. Gift of Albert Bender.
image size: 11.75" x 5.25". Woodblock print in ink and colors on paper. Condition is very faded; framed behind glass. Vertical hosoban size. This print comes from a group of six prints of similar style and size, all acquired from T.Z. Shiota in San…
Kappazuri or katazome dyed stencil print, 16/100, 27 x 20 inches. Watanabe is, perhaps, the most famous Christian-Japanese print master to date. Frances Blakemore states that: "Watanabe's works are in collections from South Africa to Australia,…
Flyer advertising a grand matinee was held to honor members of the Japanese mission during their stay in New York.
View of some of the tall buildings and advertisements along Shanghai's Huangpu river, glimpsed through the perpetual Shanghai haze.
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