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Asian Takeout is a cultural multi-media database created to serve the faculty, staff, and students. Its purpose is to allow individuals to come and “takeout” digitized media related to Asia for use in classroom or campus-related settings. Asian Takeout is organized around a number of keyword concepts and is designed to allow students to participate in adding to the database in an on-going fashion by contributing to Asian Takeout in the form of images or other media, written descriptions, or bibliographic supporting materials.

Collection Items

Gates Behind Temple of Heaven
Photograph of series of white stone gates behind the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, Temple of Heaven, Beijing.

Old Entrance to Forbidden City
Photograph of the tower at old entrance to the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Meal in China
St. Olaf student Phong Do (Class of 2005) enjoys a sweet-and-sour-fish tail in China, Interim 2003.

Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen with Mao's portrait and soldiers on guard duty.

Forbidden City Lion, View 2
One of two bronze lions standing guard in Beijing's Forbidden City.

Great Wall of China, View 2
One of the watchtowers along the Great Wall of China; photo taken by Brendan Eagan, St. Olaf student class of 2005.

Great Wall of China Sign:  Pay Attention to the Safe!
Sign along the great wall reading "Pay Attention to the Safe" in English (Chinese: "Zhuyi Anquan"). A better translation would be "Please be careful". Badly translated signs are rampant in China, not to mention throughout Asia.

Man with Donkey
Vendor with a donkey near the Great Wall.

Barge on the Huangpu
A barge floats along the Huangpu river on another foggy (smoggy?) day in Shanghai. As seen from Pudong.

National Identity Interim Group 2003
Group picture of St. Olaf Students on Interim 2003 to China and Japan, posing on the Great Wall. Three Rows, Left to Right: Front, Sitting: Andrea Ritland, Bin Xue, Brian Swenson, Annie Haugen, Kou Vang First Standing Row (from blue jacket):…
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