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Beijing 1988


This collection consists of digitized transparencies taken in the fall of 1988 in and around the Beijing environs. It includes images of common architectual sites like the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Summer Palace and Ming tombs. It also contains a fair number of images of city and (Beijing University) campus life. The latter might be of interest since this was the eve of the 1989 student movement. Additionally, there are a few images of Confucius' hometown and temple in Qufu, Shandong.

The photos in this collection were taken by Colorado College Professor of History John Williams.

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Beijing University welcoming poster
In the fall of 1988, a Beijing University student reads a wall poster welcoming new students and reminding them of the storied role of the school in 20th century Chinese history.

Beijing University's glorious legacy
Section of a poster on a campus kiosk tells new Beijing University students the history of the institution, including its relation to May Fourth and CCP luminaries like Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, Mao Zedong and Lu Xun, all of whom worked or taught on…

Reading flyers
Beijing University student peruses flyers on a campus kiosk for a coffee house, photography service, and new books, among other announcements.

Beijing University registration
Registration tables for the History and Language & Literature departments at Beijing University as the 1988-1989 academic year commences

Beijing University campus buildings and Boya tower
Boya tower rises behind the traditional style architecture of much of the Beijing University campus, viewed across the tennis courts fronting the foreign students' dormitory.

Beijing University campus buildings
Traditional style architecture graces much of the Beijing University campus, viewed across the tennis courts fronting the foreign students' dormitory.

Beijing University Weiming Lake
A placid corner of Beijing University's Weiming ("unnamed") Lake, the centerpiece of the campus and reputedly the site of several suicides during the Cultural Revolution. The lake and surrounding were constructed in the 18th century.

Gugong Taihemen
View of the Gate of Supreme Harmony, beyond which lies the Hall of Supreme Harmony to the north in the Imperial Palace complex in Beijing known as the Forbidden City.

Beijing University Bell Pavilion
Through the trees surrounding Beijing University's Weiming Lake is seen the Bell Pavilion, built in the 19th century and once used to announce time on campus.

Beijing University Weiming Lake and Boya Tower
Weiming "unnamed") Lake and Boya ("Erudition and Elegance") Tower, the landmarks of the Beijing University campus. The lake dates to the 18th century, predating the university by more than a century; the tower dates to 1924, built to supply water.
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