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This small shrine on a street corner is typical of many one finds on urban as well as rural streets in Japan.
This meal includes, on the left tray: tofu made from sesame dressed in wasabi and soy sauce; tempura fried vegetables, noodles in broth and several kinds of pickle. On the right tray is: plate with tofu, pumpkin, lotus root and other vegetables;…
Most of the larger temples in Koyasan provide lodging for visitors. Rates range from around $70 to $120 per person for a traditional tatami room with dinner and breakfast. While many of the temples will prepare a western-syle meal if requested, the…
One of the many temple gates on the main street in Koyasan.
This is the front gate at one of the many temples in Koyasan. Centuries ago there may have been horsecarts or rickshaws inside the courtyard but today we see only cars.
One of the paths in Okunoin passes over a stream.
This is a corporate site.
The black plaque on the large white stone says "Termites." In smaller letters below it says," .... in peace" (probably something like "rest in peace," but the verb is illegible). The pillar to the right says the site was dedicated by a company in…
This gravesite is dedicated to the deceased employees of Nissan Motor Company.
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