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Workers at Beijing University involved in the construction of new housing for foreign students.
Workers on the Beijing University campus preparing the ground for new structures. Relations between elite university students and uneducated migrant workers are often strained.
The sun sets over Beijing's Western Hills, silhouetting the hills and towers of the Summer Palace.
Beijing's Western Hills, seen looking west from Beijing University.
Day trippers climb the Western Hills (Xishan) northwest of Beijing.
Children jump rope in a village in rural Shandong province
A monk at Beijing's Yonghe Palace Lama Temple, behind which lie high-rise apartment buildings.
In preparation for Beijing's hosting of the 1990 Asian Games, a billboard touts a Pan-Asian theme of "Unity, Friendship, Progress" over a multinational crowd assembled on the Great Wall
Detail of wall a the base of the Temple of Heaven's Hall of Prayer for a Prosperous Year, capped by beams bearing the dragon and phoenix motif.
Designed in 1531 (by the Ming Emperor Shizong, it is said), the Temple of Heaven's Hall of Prayer for a Prosperous Year known to modern tourists is the result of a 1751 renovation. The circular roof signifies Heaven, the square base earth.
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