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Haidian district residents on a narrow street lined with pre-1949 era brick structures.
An elderly man rests with his grandson on the steps approaching the Gate of Supreme Harmony (Taihemen) in the Forbidden City
Portion of a colorful neon billboard for a beverage wholesaling company.
Built in 1651 to herald the Dalai Lama's visit to the Qing court, Beihai Park's White Dagoba was rebuilt in 1680. The dagoba is a Tibetan Buddhist architectural form imported to China during the Mongol Yuan dynasty (1279-1368).
Row of bicycles parked on a Beijing street. In the 1980s, most commuters still used old-model bicycles to get to work.
Cyclists on a Beijing street, Fall 1988.
Northwest Beijing as seen looking over Kunming lake at the Summer Palace - Qingyi Garden
Viewed from the Fragrant Hills (Xiangshan), the high rises of northwest Beijing lie just beyond the Summer Palace's Kunming Lake.
A shiny new license plate marks a change in ownership for this rusty old bicycle.

Afternoon sun fights through a blanket of smog in Beijing's Haidian district.
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